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Setup in the browser's and the Android phone's Google Calendar applications

If your already setup calendars in your account and on your phone do not update around March for the next year, then please check/fix the URL you added or readd the calendars, as the files might be reorganised under a different folder on the server.
Current folder for ICS files: /

I. Preparation

  1. Find the city in the list you need.
  2. If you don't want to set reminders for Ekadashi then use the file link under the name "iCalendar all events"
  3. If you need to set reminders for Ekadashi then use the file links under the name "iCalendar only Ekadashi" and "iCalendar without Ekadashi", as they complement each other to the full event list.
  4. Log into your Google account and launch the Calendar App from the Google Apps list.
    1. The easiest to do all these steps on a computer.
    2. On phone/tablet it needs additional steps, and the screen is smaller.
      1. Log into your account.
      2. Launch the Calendar App:
      3. Scroll down and click on "Desktop" link near to "View:"
      4. From here you see everything as on a computer, and can proceed with the II. part.

Help images: 1‑03.png, 4.png, 4_02_03.png

II. Setup in Google Calendar

  1. Copy the file link. (from I. 1-3.) (in Chrome: Right click + "Copy link address")
  2. Click on the + sign next to "Other calendars" on the left side -> "Add other calendar".
  3. Select "From URL".
  4. Paste the copied link to "URL of calendar" field.
  5. Click on the "Add calendar" button.
    If you do not want to depend on the remote calendar, no sync, and keep it fixed in your account Calendar App, then
    1. Download the file. (from I. 1-3.) (in Chrome: Right click + "Save link as...")
    2. Click on the + sign next to "Other calendars" on the left side -> "Add other calendar".
    3. Select "Import".
    4. Fill the "Select file from your computer" field.
    5. Click on the "Import" button.
  6. When it's done, check if the calendar's name appears on the left side under the "Settings for other calendars" section.
    1. If yes, then it was properly added
    2. If not, then the process wasn't completely successful, and the "Name", "Description" and "Time zone" fields are not filled properly.
      If all three are wrong, then remove the calendar, and add it again.
      If only the "Name" field is wrong, then fill it from the "Description" field and remove the "(English)" ending.
  7. Click on the newly added calendar.
  8. You can change settings as per your preference here. Changes are saved automatically.
    1. calendar name ("Name").
    2. under "All-day event notifications" you can set your notifications.
      If you want notifications for the day before evening, and the event's day morning, then you can set:
      • "Notification", "1 days", before at, "18:00"
      • "Notification", "0 days", before at, "06:00"
  9. On the main calendar page you can check your events, clicking on them, if they have the proper notifications set, if you did so.
  10. Hovering on the calendar name on the left side, three actions are available.
    1. clicking on the calendar name: toggles the visibility on the calendar
    2. clicking on the X: removes the calendar (Unsubscribe from [calendar name])
    3. clicking on the three dots: popup menu appears (Options for [calendar name])
      1. "Settings": all the settings for the calendar
      2. color palette: select a color for the calendar

Help images: 1.png, 2.png, 3.png, 4‑05.png, 6.png, 6_02‑1.png, 6_02‑2.png, 6_02‑3.png, 8_01.png, 8_02.png, 9‑1.png, 9‑2.png, 10_01.png, 10_02.png, 10_03.png, 10_03_01‑02.png

III. Setup in Android phone

  1. Menu: Settings
    1. Click on "Show more" under your email account you used for subscribing to the calendar.
    2. Check all subscribed calendars
      1. Select calendar.
      2. Turn on "Sync".
      3. You can change the name, colour and notifications here also. If there is no notification displayed, then go on the following steps first to sync what you probably set up on the Calendar App page.
      4. On the main app page, select the three dots on the top right corner, and click "Refresh" and wait until process finished.
      5. Check the events in the calendar with and without notifications set.
  2. In case of no sync between the browser and the phone
    1. If notifications are not synced, or you set a new or changed an existing notification (in the computer's browser) for a calendar, then (see above 1.2.) turn off and on "Sync" (III. 1.2.2.) then click "Refresh" (III. 1.2.4.) again for that calendar.

Help images: 1.png, 1_01.png, 1_02.png, 1_02_02‑1.png, 1_02_02‑2.png, 1_02_04‑1.png, 1_02_04‑2.png, 1_02_05‑1.png, 1_02_05‑2.png